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Crypto Wallet Exodus Adds Support for Aragon, Decred and EOS Altcoins

Virtual wallet and crypto exchange provider Exodus has officially integrated three new Altcoins into its platform- Aragon, Decred and EOS.

This comes after an announcement in May in which Exodus overhauled its platform to improve network speeds. Exodus has been busy of late, also announcing rollouts of in-app notification statuses and a wallet restore system that makes backups automatic for users and provides better onboarding.

“We are excited to offer this extension of the DCR network. Exodus gives our users a virtual wallet that is both user-friendly and secure. Empowering users to manage blockchain assets in a simple, one-click manner is the practical, down-to-earth use-case that is essential for the long-term growth of this industry. We couldn’t be happier with this deployment.”

For more information on Exodus visit www.exodus.io.

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