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Rocky Mountain Ayre and Ocubicle Announce $150 Million Kairos Token ICO

Publicly traded Rocky Mountain Ayre, Inc. (OTC: RMTN) has partnered with Ocubicle and announced plans to launch an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that will utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to trade and manage crypto assets.

The two sides are conducting an initial coin offering in which they hope to raise USD$150 million through the issuance of 15 million Kairos tokens.

The companies say that their Kairos A.I. system will use predictive algorithms to analyze mass data sets and identify arbitrage and leveraged margin trading opportunities.

According to Ocubicle, development of the A.I. system has been ongoing for three years and back testing over the last 18 months has produced promising results.

Investment returns from A.I. trading will be split into two parts- the first of which will provide quarterly dividends returned to token holders while the second half will be spread across the outstanding token supply, potentially increasing the underlying value of each token.

The companies also plan to list Kairos tokens on several digital exchanges and also offer investors a buy-back window each quarter.

Rocky Mountain has made several investments into the cryptocurrency space over the last six months. Shares of the company, which are traded on the OTC marketplace in the United States, have performed well and are up 42% year-to-date.

In June, Rocky Mountain announced it had acquired HempCoin, which manages a peer-to-peer wallet platform and digital currency payment system focused on serving the medical marijuana sector.

For more information on the Kairos token offering and associated white paper visit www.kairostokens.com. To learn more about Rocky Mountain Ayre and its iCoin visit www.rockymountainayre.com.

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