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investFeed Looks to Build A Cryptocurrency Social Networking Powerhouse

Building on the back of its existing social investing platform, investFeed has announced plans to introduce cryptocurrencies to the broader financial world.

The company wants to create a social networking platform for all things cryptocurrencies, bringing together bloggers, financial institutions and everyday investors.

With over 15,000 members already signed up through its existing equities platform, investFeed is conducting an initial coin offering to support re-development of its platform and shift focus from stocks to digital currencies.

The company says the new platform will offer the traditional bells and whistles users have become accustomed to on social networking sites, including member profiles, instant messaging, live streaming feeds and fundamental market data.

investFeed believes what will set the platform apart is its unique features, including wallet and digital exchange integrations for user portfolio management, advanced technical analysis charting along with back-testing tools, and detailed screening capabilities to research Altcoins.

Plans are also in the works to create an interactive reward system in which FEED tokens will be distributed among the community. These tokens will be awarded to users for publishing unique content, purchasing premium services and promoting sponsored content.

The company says FEED tokens will be limited in supply to build their underlying value and establish a healthy ecosystem.

On the revenue front, investFeed plans to offer premium subscriptions, such as career profiles and ad-free experiences, along with premium services such as brokerage trading integrations and blockchain-based data feeds for hedge funds and institutional investors.

The beta product launch is scheduled for Q1 2018 with additional features to be rolled out thereafter.

investFeed is in the midst of a token sale and hopes to raise 28,000 Ethereum coins. FEED tokens are being issued at a ratio of 10,000 per 1 Ethereum coin. The token sale is scheduled to last through August 7th. For more information or to read the whitepaper visit www.investfeed.com.

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