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Solar-Focused Investment Fund Built on Ethereum Blockchain Releases ICO Dates

An solar energy focused blockchain investment fund named Solar DAO has released scheduled launch dates for a two-stage initial coin offering campaign.

Solar DAO is a closed-end investment fund built on the Ethereum blockchain. The company has plans to use proceeds from the ICO to fund investments and build solar plants around the world. Areas of focus will include the Israeli, Portuguese, Kazakhstani and Ukrainian markets over the next four years.

Global interests to promote renewable sources of energy, such as solar, receive subsidies and special tariffs when plants sell produced electricity back to the energy grid.

Management behind Solar DAO has significant industry experience having implemented 70 megawatt (“MW”) solar plants across Europe as well as developing 270 MW plants in Russia and 150 MW plants in Kazakhstan.

The ICO will run a pre-ICO and core ICO campaign. The pre-ICO will run from July 27 to August 31 while the core ICO funding effort will commence at the end of October.

The Company plans to offer up to 80 million Solar DAO token at an initial price of USD$1.00 per token.

Participants in the ICO will become shareholders with each token representing equity in the investments, providing investors with access to potential profits from future operations. For more information visit www.solardao.me.

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