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Bitcoin Exchange Wants To Bring Gold Ownership To The Masses

Vaultoro believes that gold ownership should be easy, secure and cost effective for everyone.

The company has developed a premier online gold exchange and associated vault storage service that eliminates costly middlemen and allows anyone, anywhere in the world to easily buy and sell gold bullion.

Vaultoro also stores gold for its customers at a secure vault located in Switzerland and uses the blockchain along with smart contracts to verify ownership and ensure secure transactions.

The exchange offers investors the ability to trade in and out of cryptocurrencies and precious metals, opening a wide range of options for speculation, hedging and long-term investing.

Currently the company stores over 7,300 troy ounces of gold for customers at its vault in Switzerland, valued at approximately USD$9.3 million.

Vaultoro has also placed great emphasis on transparency. This includes everything from independent audits every six months to weekly reports made available to customers reporting on vault holdings.

The digital exchange uses what it calls the Glass Books Protocol, which was developed to give customers the ability to see proof of gold reserves while protecting their privacy.

Vaultoro charges fees ranging from just 0.2% to 0.5%, significantly lower than what middlemen brokers charge. Even more importantly, the exchange does not charge customers to hold Bitcoins on the exchange.

The company is passionate in its belief to offer everyone the ability to store their wealth in gold and Bitcoin and be decentralized from the mainstream financial industry.

To learn more about the exchange or to open a free account visit www.vaultoro.com.

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