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Online Trade Platform Swissquote Partners with Bitstamp Exchange to Offer Bitcoin Trading

Publicly traded online brokerage Swissquote Partners has announced a formal partnership with the Bitstamp Exchange to quote and trade Bitcoin pairs through its online trading platform.

The online broker will offer its customers the ability to initially trade the BTC/EUR and BTC/USD pairs, with plans to further add more cross pairs in the near future.

Bitstamp CEO Nejc Kodrič believes the partnership is an important first step toward integrating cryptocurrencies into the mainstream financial sector.

“Our partnership with Swissquote represents a leap forward in terms of integrating bitcoin with the traditional financial industry... We are honoured to be working with such a prominent player. Our efforts to encourage compliant bitcoin trading continue to bear fruit, giving users greater confidence and strengthening the bitcoin industry generally. And the strong potential shown by digital currencies in their relatively short history has led to traditional financial markets looking for ways to get involved.”

Swissquote joins a growing list of online brokers who are beginning to quote and allow customers to trade cryptocurrencies. Other notable online brokers to offer online cryptocurrency trading include 1Broker, InstaForex, SimpleFX and Plus5000.

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