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Bitfinex Exchange Launches Support for OmiseGO

The Bitfinex Exchange has announced it now supports OmiseGO trading for Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD exchange pairs.

OmiseGO is a payment servicer that provides support to payment processors, payment gateways and financial institutions. Its public blockchain operates across multiple cryptocurrencies and various other asset types.

The OmiseGo network is a decentralized exchange and clearing house that offers real-time, peer-to-peer exchanges. The company also provides a white label Wallet SDK service. 

"Bitfinex supports and will continue to support these sorts of projects in bringing blockchain technology to mainstream consumers. We see projects like OMG as one of the crucial building blocks that will enable the creation of a new and truly revolutionary decentralised financial ecosystem."

Omise has contributed to the Ethereum family of technologies, including DEVGRANTS and Raiden.

Bitfinex is one of the largest digital currency exchanges worldwide, providing nearly 1,000 trading pairs and offering speculators with the ability to trade on margin.. For more information visit www.bitfinex.com.

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