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Need A Job? Look To The Jobi

Tired of the high fees on Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr? Sick of drawn out arbitration when freelance work goes awry? Want to get paid in a digital currency?

One company is seeking to solve all this and more.

Coinjob has plans to develop a job portal it says will charge lower fees and use automated arbitration to settle disputes.

It plans to build the job portal around an Ethereum-based digital token it has termed the Jobi, which will facilitate transactions between job recruiters and freelancers.

The company says this will reduce overhead and transaction costs, in turn allowing it to charge lower fees, perhaps as little as half of what mainstream job portal sites charge.

Job opportunities on the portal will focus around web and software development with plans to also list graphic design and financial modeling gigs.

Unique to the portal is its plans to solve disputes between employers and employees.

Coinjob says that in cases where a dispute arises, the job description and final product will be distributed randomly to other portal users, who in turn can vote based on the evidence presented. Voting results will determine the outcome of the dispute.

The company believes this type of community approach will reduce costs by automating the dispute process while also ensuring a quick decision-making period.

Coinjob is currently in the midst of an initial coin offering in which it hopes to raise up to 60,000 Ethereum to fund development and rollout of the portal. To learn more about the ICO or read the whitepaper visit www.coinjob.net.

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