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KickCity Plans To Kick Start The Event Management Industry

Partygoers take notice.

Startup KickCity has plans to build an online platform it believes will forever change the way attendees and organizers plan, promote and partake in events.

The company’s proposed new service looks to bring together all the features of sites like Event Brite, Meetup and Ticket King to offer a peer-to-peer solution for the event management industry.

With its community-based social network already in place and operating in five cities throughout the world, KickCity is preparing to conduct a token sale to finance its strategy to build an Ethereum and Bitcoin-based ticket processing system that will allow event organizers to sell tickets through the KickCity platform.

The company plans to issue KICK tokens, which will be used for ticket purchasing, reward-based promotions and community building.

KICK tokens will also be listed on an exchange, allowing them to be traded in the open market and easily convertible to fiat currencies.

KickCity says the use of tokens will eliminate the need for third party payment processors and allow for a truly decentralized social events system in which event organizers and attendees can connect directly through the platform.

KICK tokens could potentially rise in value in situations where attendees become willing to pay premiums to obtain tickets to sold out events.

The company says that after buildout of the platform it will initially shift its focus towards highly attended events within the blockchain community itself, with plans to expand into mainstream events as adoption of the platform increases throughout 2018.

For more information on KickCity and its upcoming token sale visit www.ico.kickcity.io.

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