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Blockchain Powered Crowdfunding Platform Wants To Empower Entrepreneurs

KICKICO, a blockchain powered crowdfunding platform, wants to give startups all over the world an easier and more innovative way to raise funds.

Think Crowdfunding 2.0.

After three years of development the company has built what it calls an integrated ecosystem, termed the Kickonomy, which streamlines the fundraising process for entrepreneurs by providing an automated way to conduct initial coin offerings, crowd investing and crowdfunding campaigns.

The company says its platform also solves a variety of problems associated with current crowdfunding business models, the biggest of which is high failure rates and complete loss of investor capital.

KICKICO believes it can reduce investor risk by issuing KickCoins as a bonus when investors participate in a campaign.

 These KickCoins will be backed by future campaigns also completed using the new cryptocurrency, providing investors with the potential for value appreciation and offering liquidity.

New startups benefit from issuing KickCoins as part of their fundraising process because it eliminates the need to develop new currencies or tokens, further reducing cost of capital, which KICKICO says could be as little as 4% compared to conventional crowdfunding platforms which charge as much as 40%.

The company is in the midst of a pre-ICO and plans to launch an official ICO in late August. As far as the platform, it hopes to launch in September. For more information visit www.kickico.com.

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