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Silicon Valley Startup Wants to Decentralize Search with Blockchain Search Engine

Launched in 2016 by former LG Electronics officer Alex Bessonov, Silicon Valley startup BitClave is developing a blockchain search app it hopes will provide users with more privacy while also generating better potential sales leads for advertisers.

BitClave wants to eliminate advertiser dependence on intermediary agencies like Facebook, Google and Twitter by offering a decentralized ecosystem in which businesses can market directly to consumers who have opted-in to receive specific offer types.

Users will have the ability to opt-in through smart contracts offered directly from advertisers. The contract would be built and self-executed directly on BitClave’s blockchain.

In its official statement BitClave has said: “We envision a world where smart contracts replace the need for middlemen, changing the way communities use the Internet. Our main goal is to build a new standard for relationships between businesses and customers based on smart contracts.”

The Company’s whitepaper uses automotive sales as an analogy to make its case, saying that most auto dealers spend up to $200 to generate a single qualified lead through Google or Facebook.

BitClave believes it can reduce these costs by eliminating third party agency fees and utilizing its ecosystem in which advertisers will be able to allocate their marketing dollars specifically towards users who have opted-in to receive advertisements on, for example, purchasing a new automobile.

The company also claims it will reward users for opting-in to view ads, providing additional options for advertisers to customize their marketing campaigns through the platform.

BitClave has already completed a USD$1.5 million financing and is currently in the midst of a second token sale that will last through August 1st. For more information on the company or to read the whitepaper visit www.bitclave.com.

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